1. 28 Aug, 2014 1 commit
  2. 18 Aug, 2014 11 commits
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      add .gitignore · 626adbf2
      Benjamin Koch authored
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      add .agignore file · dc8b9568
      Benjamin Koch authored
      If you don't know ag (or ack), try it! It's grep on steroids ;-)
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      change menu timeout to 60 seconds · 69c152fa
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      change type of programmer · dff4a3b9
      Benjamin Koch authored
      My avrdude doesn't know an 'arduino' configuration, but stk500v2
      works fine.
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      add rule for cpp files in applet directory · e0f25789
      Benjamin Koch authored
      Marlin.cpp is generated from Marlin.pde, so it resides in the directory
      for build files. If there weren't any rule for cpp files in that directory,
      make would use a default rule which is almost right but doesn't include
      the "-mcu" compiler switch.
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      change type of microcontroller and board · 05746d86
      Benjamin Koch authored
      This is one of the few values that actually works (only two MCUs
      are allowed for in the headers) and that we think should be right.
      Unfortunately, we couldn't look at the board without unmounting it,
      which we didn't do.
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      adjust z axis parameters · 12dcf23d
      Benjamin Koch authored
      The axis was only at about half the way to the top (i.e. to the
      starting position), so we doubled the step count to 1600 steps
      per unit. This is quite a lot because the spindle has a lead of
      about 2mm per turn, i.e. the stepper motor would have 800 steps
      per 360°. That number seems to be quite high but the driver
      might do microsteps. Anyway, this is what makes it work well ;-)
      Marcel says that the z axis height would be 121.3 mm. He determined
      that by measuring the distance from the homing switch to the screw
      that is supposed to push that switch. We have determined that
      119.6 mm is the value that works in practice (by driving the bed
      to the correct position using the control software). I think the
      difference is because the real homing position is when the switch
      is pressed about half.
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      change · 92493912
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      fix a few whitespace problems in the arduino executable · 32a04289
      Benjamin Koch authored
      This is sort of "because we can", as it doesn't help much:
      a) We don't usually need the Arduino IDE.
      b) Nonetheless, the path mustn't contain any spaces because of
         issues in the makefile.
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      make Arduino headers work with newer avr-libc · 95862f73
      Benjamin Koch authored
      Some definition in the Arduino headers causes an error in the <math.h> header of
      avr-libc (avr-libc=1.7.1-2 on Ubuntu 12.04). We circumvent this by including
      <util/delay.h> (which in turn indirectly includes <math.h>) before including any
      Arduino headers. Unfortunately, we have to fix this in more than one file.
      This change shouldn't break anything for other versions of avr-libc.
  3. 17 Aug, 2014 3 commits
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      add Arduino IDE, version 0022 · 64577271
      arduino authored
      This is quite an old version of Arduino (even before 1.0). I'm using
      this because the makefile references that version. Neither version
      1.0 nor 1.5 will work, but we could try 0023.
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      extract firmware folder · f3ff0dbc
      Benjamin Koch authored
      Arduino 0022 and the Marlin makefile don't work, if the path contains a space.
      Therefore, we make use a folder name without any spaces. The path to this git
      mustn't contain any spaces, as well.
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      initial commit · 8937c836
      various authored
      This contains all the files that were present before we made this into a git.
      Unfortunately, those are quite a lot of files.