1. 29 Dec, 2013 1 commit
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    • Andreas Eversberg's avatar
      mobile: Fixed CLIR invokation / suppression · fed1774b
      Andreas Eversberg authored
      If "clip" is given at vty, CLIR must be suppressed, which results in
      presentation of caller ID digits, even if suppressed by network.
      If "clir" is given at vty, CLIR must be invoked, which results in
      restriction of caller ID digits, even if not suppressed by network.
      Note: This only work for outgoing caller ID. Incomming caller ID
      restriction cannot be suppressed.
  13. 08 Jan, 2013 3 commits
    • Dario Lombardo's avatar
      misc: Fix typos · dadafc49
      Dario Lombardo authored
    • Andreas Eversberg's avatar
      mobile: Fixed ignoring of MDL-ERROR-IND · bff6bb7b
      Andreas Eversberg authored
      Some MDL-ERROR causes must not lead to link failure. The missing
      "return 0" causes all errors to be ignored which are not listed inside
      switch/case statement.
    • Andreas Eversberg's avatar
      fix: Use only single CCCH block to determine path loss · 43b368b6
      Andreas Eversberg authored
      The downlink singalling failure counter DSC is decremented by 4
      in case of unsuccessfull decoding of CCCH block and incremented
      by 1 in case of successfull decoding of CCCH block. The initial
      and maximum value of 90 requires to check the signal only once
      per 51 multiframe.
      If DRX would be supported, only a subset of 51 multiframes are
      received, so the initial / maximum value of 90 must be reduced
  14. 07 Jan, 2013 2 commits
    • Andreas Eversberg's avatar
      mobile: Allow test card to be maked as already attached · f6b52d74
      Andreas Eversberg authored
      This way it is possible to use test card without making attachment
      to the network, if the LAI matches. It can be used to do faster
    • Andreas Eversberg's avatar
      mobile: Improved exit of mobile process, reset phone · 25c5e822
      Andreas Eversberg authored
      If mobile phone has started, it is reset after shutdown. This
      ensures that the phone is not transmitting anymore, especially
      while shutting down in dedicated mode.
      Using CTRL+c:
      The first signal causes initiating of shutdown with detach
      procedure. The second signal causes initiating of shutdown
      without detach procedure. The third signal will exit process
      immidiately. (in case it hangs)
      Using CTRL+z:
      The first signal causes initiating of shutdown without detach
      procedure. A subsequent CTRL+c would exit process immidiately.
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